Walking route "la Météorite" Rochechouart

Walking route "la Météorite" Rochechouart

Our natural


Relax ……. You’re in the Porte Océane du Limousin !
With family or friends, or for a romantic walk, enjoy one of the many waymarked footpaths that cover our area.

Take a walk in the countryside ……

Randonnée vers le chêne de Bramefan Site Corot - Saint-Junien Circuit de randonnée vers le chêne de Bramefan - Biennac

Randonnée vers le chêne de Bramefan

... for a better view of the town

The Corot site and, more widely, the Glane valley, is just a 15-minute walk from Saint-Junien town centre.  This natural site takes you into the heart of a deep, wooded valley with a rich industrial history. By following the ‘Feutrières’ footpath you will find several viewpoints from which you can see Saint-Junien.

Or take a stroll at Biennac, near Rochechouart, along the footpath « Vers le Chêne de Bramefan » and admire Rochechouart Castle and the twisted spire of Saint Sauveur church.  In the summer the fields are full of bright sunflowers and limousine cows to accompany you !

……..to take some time out

Walk around the ’Ile de Chaillac‘ - the 5 km walk has several ‘little beaches’ and a noria, a type of water wheel ; or relax on the banks of the river Tardoire at Chéronnac where you will be amazed by the remarkable trees at the site of Peyrassoulat.

L'île de Chaillac- Chaillac-sur-Vienne La Noria sur l'île de Chaillac - Chaillac-sur-Vienne Platanes du site Peyrassoulat à Chéronnac

L'île de Chaillac- Chaillac-sur-Vienne

take to the water

Plage du plan d'eau de Videix Montgolfière à Videix Base canoë à Saint-Victurnien -photo lionel Mansion Pédalo au plan d'eau de Videix

Plage du plan d'eau de Videix

Take a canoe down the river Vienne during July and August, departing from Saint-Victurnien.  The canoes are equipped with audio guides to explain what you can see during the descent.

And just for pleasure : hire pedalos on the lake at Videix or leave ‘terra firma’ with a ride in a hot-air balloon, also available from Videix.


 to learn whilst having fun

Geocaching is a new-generation treasure hunt which is great for adults and children alike.  Add to your collection of ‘poïz’ with five Terra Aventura trails, two at Saint-Junien, and one at Oradour-sur-Glane, one at Rochechouart and and one at les Salles Lavauguyon.

Seven interpretation trails will help you discover the natural riches of the Porte Océane du Limousin :

On foot  :

The botanical walk at Vayres, highlighting plants of the Rosaceae family  ; Ile de Chaillac ; the bee and tree trail at Javerdat ; the astroblème and lake footpaths at Boischenu at Rochechouart ; the interpretation trail at the Corot Site in Saint-Junien.

Sentier de l'astroblème Rochechouart Chassenon Chasse aux trésors Terra Aventura Sentier de l'arbre et l'abeille à Javerdat Sentier d'interprétation île de Chaillac

Sentier de l'astroblème Rochechouart Chassenon

If you prefer to feel the wind in your face travel around the little lanes on a bike or motorbike to discover the villages and hamlets of the Porte Océane du Limousin !