impactite Babaudus



When heaven meets earth

Imagine an earthquake ….. or worse !  That’s the effect caused by a meteorite that crashed to earth between Rochechouart (Haute-Vienne) and Chassenon (Charente) over 200 million years ago.

Learn more about what happened and its effects by visiting the Maison de la Réserve.

Plunge into the solar system and set off on a voyage to discover these objects called meteorites, with displays of samples collected from all over the world, a link between Space and Earth.  By understanding the consequences of the fall of the meteorite , the secrets of the French crater, unique in Europe, will be revealed to you.

When the meteorite crashed to earth from outer space the resulting explosion and heat created a specific type of rock.  Throughout history, this rock, or impactite, has been used in construction, and can still be seen in some of the buildings in the area.

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The nature reserve was created to protect this exceptional geological heritage, to manage the natural space and to raise awareness amongst the general public by means of a variety of educational activities.

The International Research Centre on the Impacts and on Rochechouart (CIRIR)

Since its creation in 2016, researchers from around the world have been coming here to study the sub soil of the crater.

Our tips :

  • Geological discovery of the Rochechouart site during a walk in and around the town lasting about 1½ hrs


-       By following a circuit of about 3 hours around the area you can discover the diversity of rocks and stones

Our tips 

Join one of the themed visits organised during the summer season :

Practical information

  • For children, a booklet available on arrival will give them lots of interesting information regarding the exhibition.
  • Out of hours you can follow one of the interpretation trails.  The Astrobleme circuit is 2km long during which you will unveil the secrets of the French crater ; and the footpath around the lake of 1.3 km will help you discover its fauna and flora.