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What is geocaching ?

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS. Terra Aventura made it funnier by adding little badges that you can get once you found each caches. 

Les Méz'aventures de Zarthus

Les Méz'aventures de Zarthus

The latest of the Terra Aventura trails in the Porte Océane du Limousin, come and help Zarthus in his miz’adventures and visit one of the most unexpected sites of the area – the church at Les Salles-Lavauguyon and its frescoes which are some of the best preserved frescoes in the Haute-Vienne.

Download here the feuille de route.

Aux Portes de la Cité Gantière

A town renowned for its gloves, wander around the town-centre with Zouti !

Discover the history of Saint-Junien through its glove-making factories, its historic buildings, its artistic and working-class past, all in a 2km walk in the town centre.

Download here the feuille de route.

Terra Aventura - Aux Portes de la Cité Gantière

Glâner les Sentes au-delà des tors

Glâner les sentes au-delà des tors

Gather the clues along the Corot site, a place where the locals love to come and walk and relax in the footsteps of the artist Corot.

Careful, this trail is for the expert player as the route is difficult and steep.

Download here the feuille de route.


Perched atop a rocky promontory, Zabeth is waiting for you to launch an attack on the castle and to discover the unique feature of Rochechouart – the meteorite which fell to earth here over 200 million years ago.

A trip back in time guaranteed !

Download here the feuille de route.


La Première Pierre du Nouvel Oradour

La première pierre du nouvel Oradour

Commune destroyed forever by Nazi barbarism, this trail will enable you to (re)discover the stages of the new town’s reconstruction, ideal for beginners.

Follow the guide !

Download here the feuille the route .

Tèrra Aventura, How to play geocaching ?


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