Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development


« Little streams make big rivers.”, is our motto !  Concerned about the health of our planet, we take small, simple actions on a daily basis to reduce our impact on the environment. At our level, we have chosen to adopt a more responsible behavior and thus reduce our ecological footprint.

Our commitments to sustainable development  :

Reduce paper waste :

•    Reduce printing ;
•    Double-sided and black-and-white printing for internal use ;
•    Reuse the paper already printed on one side as a rough draft, same for expired flyers
•    Give priority to communications and sending documents by email
•    Storage of working documents in a network ;
•   We do not store documentation from outside territories. For this type of request, the processing is individual and the request is sent to the relevant tourist office for a personalized dispatch;
•    Gradual switch to all digital (digital management of quotes and invoices; digital employee planning; payslips sent by email, for example)..

•    Work with printers assessed and found to meet the Imprim'vert ™ brand requirements for printing its brochures

Raise awareness of selective waste sorting and reduce waste :

•   Sort the paper, cardboard / packaging and glass in dedicated bins then throw them in the city's sorting containers;

• Purchase of water bottles for each member of the team and eco-cups made available to them;

Save energy and water:

• Turn on the lights in the premises only when needed;

• Switch off electrical appliances every evening (photocopiers, computers, air conditioners, etc.);

• Use tap water.

Reduce data consumption :

•  Delete unnecessary emails ;
•  Use instant messaging to contact colleagues rather than emails 
•  Empty google drive regularly  ;
•  Disconnect from the server every evening.

Avoid travel:

• Find carpooling solutions when traveling or for meetings and / or training;

• Resort to  online meetings  in high season.

Consume better :

• Purchase of ecological cleaning products for the Oradour-sur-Glane information office;

• Promote  gastronomic products during snacks and tastings offered during our activities.

Raise awareness by organising events  :

• The "Un été au grand air" event : it is an outdoor event organized by the tourist office every summer on the territory's natural sites for families.

• During this event : we hire experts/artisans who are able to promote environmental protection ;

• Offer carpooling ;

• Raise awareness of waste collection ;